ENGAGE does not need any infrastructure to function (such as beacons, anchors or other devices to be installed). It will be sufficient to equip each worker with an ENGAGE device, which can be applied to the belt, wrist or shoulder with a velcro.


Like a radar, ENGAGE detects workers who are within a radius of about 10-15 meters, and constantly measures their distance, keeping it monitored. When the interpersonal distance approaches the safety threshold (1 meter), the device emits a pulsing sound with increasing frequency, such as the car parking sensors.


When the safety threshold is reached, ENGAGE also warns the user with a vibration.If the user remains below the threshold for more than 5 seconds, the infringement is stored on the device and the light turns solid red.


Administrators or H&S Managers has the ability to easily change the safety threshold, initially set to 1 meter, from a easy to use web application.

It is also possible to set different safety thresholds for different groups of workers and change the time threshold at which the violations are stored (initially 5 seconds).

This allows companies to remain compliant with regulations even if restrictions are subject to change, or are differentiated according to the workers’ duties.


ENGAGE allows administrators and H&S Managers to monitor safety in their department, by accessing via a web portal a series of useful data relating to dangerous approaches (below the safety threshold) recorded among workers in a given period of time:


How many approaches have been recorded
Which workers were involved
Average duration of approaches between workers
• List of serious approaches, characterized by a long duration
(more than 1 minute)
• List of serious gatherings, characterized by 3 or more close people for a long period (more than 1 minute)


The approach data are saved in the device memory, and downloaded in the cloud when the device is charged, or when it passes near a special gateway, provided by Engynya (optional).


To avoid gatherings in certain areas, ENGAGE intelligently manages queues. The worker, in fact, can check through a convenient mobile app or web portal, the presence of other workers queuing in areas with a high risk of gathering, such as a toilet, coffee machine, cookhouse, small offices, and book easily.


The presence of people is not estimated as in normal queue management systems, but is ACTUAL, because it is detected through the locator on the device *.


Through the app the user can book, and is notified when it is his turn. The administrator can create any number of queues, in a flexible and personalized way.


ENGAGE was not designed just for the COVID-19 emergency, it is much more, it is an extremely versatile 360° safety device:


Detects worker ailments or falls thanks to special
movement sensors (man-down) and warns those in duty with notifications, indicating the current position
of the worker
Anticipates any human-vehicle collisions, avoiding accidents, in the factory or on the construction site, warning the operator and in some cases pro-actively slowing down the vehicle
Allows access control, recording any unauthorized access to certain forbidden areas or automatically activating motorized access points (control unit required near
the access point).


ENGAGE is powered by a lithium battery designed to last from a minimum of 2-3 days, to a maximum of 5 days, being suitable for any work shift.


When the device is discharged it warns the user with a particular acoustic message and the lighting of a red light. However, recharging is recommended after each work shift.

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